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January 15 - January 21, 2017

Second Sunday In Ordinary Time

We invite you to explore opportunities to know Jesus Christ and grow deeper in your
Catholic Christian faith.

As a reminder, don't forget to turn off your cell phone in Church.
Thank you and have a good week!


Date Time Intention
January 14
4:30 pm Bertha Due req. by Shirl Due
January 15
8:00 am Community of Blessed Sacrament req. by Father Max
January 15
10:30 am Laura Konkel req. by Zbylut Family
January 16
8:30 am Alyce Konen req. by Dedrick Family
January 17
8:30 am Christine Melgren req. by Marilyn Weisbrock
January 18
8:30 am Andrew Kucginski req. by Edna Kucginski
January 19
8:00 am Communion Service
January 20
8:30 am Joe Apodaca req. by Brian & Kate Pientak
January 21
4:30 pm Norman Hankes req. by Shirlie Hankes & Bill/Sherry Dahl
January 22
8:00 am Bill & Nancy Cawley req. by Dominick & Mary Ann Leo
January 22
10:30 am Community of Blessed Sacrament req. by Father Max

Join us for the Rosary
The Rosary is prayed on week days at 8:10 am and on weekends a half hour before Mass.


Individual Confession Hours
(Please use the bell tower entrance)

Saturday, January 14th 3:45 - 4:15 p.m.
Saturday, January 21th 3:45 - 4:15 p.m.

Lord, Hear Our Prayers

Praying Hands For parishioners, relatives and friends who suffer from illness, are homebound, confined to a care facility or hospitalized and the unemployed. May the healing hand of God rest on these people and guide them in their time of need.

May the healing hand of God rest on these people and guide them in their time of need.

Pray For The Deceased Priests Of The Diocese Who Celebrate Their Anniversary Of Death This Week:
  • Msgr John L Laffey
  • Rev Anthony J Becker
  • Rev William P Staff
  • Rev Brian Olsen
  • Rev L Dudley Day
  • Rev Thomas J Kearney
  • Rev Raymond M Hettermann
  • Rev Leo J Bartel
Pray For Our Service Men And Women:
  • CS3(SS) Kevin Bohler
  • IT2Jeremy Daly
  • PFC Ethan J. Feltes
  • Sgt Kyle W. Feltes
  • Sgt Zachary Gardner
  • Capt Ryan C. Lutz
  • 2nd Lt Nicole E Maenza
  • PVT Andrew McMullen
  • SPC Jason McMullen
  • A1C Keely Muzzey
  • CPL Gail Patsch
  • SPC Wyatt VanderLinde
  • CPL Luis Velazquez Jr.
  • Ensign Andrew C. Young
  • Cadet Ethan J. Young, AFA
Almighty God look with love upon our men and women in uniform and protect them in their time of need. Bless them and their families. Amen If you have a name you would like to add to our prayer list, call the parish office or email Jennie Bourge at:

Pray For Our Sick:
  • Bob Albrecht
  • Brook Bess
  • Natividad Bontcac
  • Cathie Burns
  • Brett Deiter
  • Beth Edwards
  • Xandra Echavia
  • Janice Feltes
  • Margaret Feltes
  • Jerry Flaugher
  • Marcia Freeman
  • Richard Gallo
  • Bill Gardiner
  • Baby Grace
  • Phil Gurbal
  • Karen Haberstock
  • Liz Hammes family
  • Anthony Jarvie
  • Tom Kehoe
  • Veronica Klymus
  • Carol Littlejohn
  • Christine Malgren
  • Linda McNamara
  • Bill Middleton
  • Fred Noonan
  • Maddie Ockerland
  • Ava Olson
  • Viola Plante
  • Lynn Schones
  • Mary Schultz
  • Father John Slampak

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers to the families of:
Steven J Stanoy — January 4th
He was the son of parishioner Helen Stanoy.
George Harwood — January 10th
May their souls rest in peace.



Through the waters of Baptism, we welcome to the Body of Christ and our Parish…

Patrick Steven Winowiecki
Son of Corey and Lizzy Winowiecki

Aurelia Teresa Contreras
Daughter of Mondrian and Bridget Contreras


Happy Marriage

Congratulations to Donna and James Perkins

Congratulations on the validation of their marriage in the Catholic Church! Our prayers and best wishes for a faith-filled marriage, on behalf of Father Max and the Blessed Sacrament Community.

Reflections on the Gospel

"Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world." This was an unusual greeting, to say the least. John the Baptist's underlying message, however, would have been crystal clear to the audience who heard it. The Jews were used to the idea of sacrificing a lamb in a ritual of atonement. Now, John was declaring that this man walking towards him, Jesus, was in fact the new lamb, the sacrificial offering that would atone for the sins not just of one person, but of all people. The sins of the whole world are forgiven in Christ.

The whole world, of course, means everybody. No one is excluded from the gift of salvation. Sadly, not all people accept the gift, but it is available to them none-theless.

Today we might ask ourselves where we stand on this spectrum. Do we believe that Jesus' death has saved us? Do we believe that our sins are washed away through the sacrifice of this most spotless victim? To take it a step further, do we accept that God can forgive even the sins of our enemies, of those who have hurt and mistreated us? Can we forgive them too, as God has done through his Son, or do we fall short in this regard?

When we struggle to forgive someone, we can pray for the grace to love that person as Jesus has loved us. Today, may we put to death our grudges and resentments in imitation of the Lamb who sacrificed his life on our behalf.

Important Announcements

Upcoming Meetings and Activities

Mark Your Calendar

Parish Activities
Monday, January 16thConfirmation Practice —
Tuesday, January 17thConfirmation —
Saturday, January 28thFirst Reconciliation —

Are You Registered?

Why Register at Blessed Sacrament Parish?

Are you Registered?
Registering at Blessed Sacrament Parish or any other parish has many benefits. If someone is not registered it makes it very difficult for the Pastor or the administration to issue references or recommendation letters. Parish registration is necessary before making arrangements for a Baptism, a wedding and enrollment in the Religious Education program. Moreover, when you register, it also makes you personally feel that you 'belong' to Blessed Sacrament.

If you haven't registered yet, please go to our website and download the registration form or stop by the office during office hours.



Blessed Sacrament welcomed 2 new families to our parish in the month of December. Thank you for making Blessed Sacrament your parish home!


Ministries Announcements

Liturgical Ministers and Parents of Altar Servers

Liturgy Mininisters and Altar Servers
Attention Liturgical Ministers and Parents of Altar Servers:

Our schedules are now online. If you would like a printed schedule, they are available in the Altar Server's Room.

To view our online ministry schedules, visit our Home Page at:

Once there, click on the
tab, scroll down to Ministry Schedules and then click on the button to open the current PDF schedule.

Art And Environment Ministry

Responsible for the changing of banners, altar cloths and floral arrangements in the church seasonally. This includes decorating for the major feasts of Easter and Christmas. Also responsible for the beautification of the outdoor garden spaces, including planting and maintaining landscaping.

If you have a green thumb, an artistic eye, or just want to be a part of the gardening and decorating of our church then this ministry may be for you. For more information, contact Ann Koskey (630) 896-5375.

The Choir Needs You!

Here are some reasons to join our choir:
  • Friendship. More than 42 million Americans sing in choruses, so you're sure to make some new friends.
  • Student's bring home A's. Research shows that students who sing in choruses get better grades than students who don't.

Piano Player Needed Blessed Sacrament is in need of a piano player. If you can play the piano or know of someone willing make a commitment to this ministry, please contact Linda Fandrich for further information.

If you love music and are interested in joining our choir, or learning more about this ministry, please call Linda Fandrich at (630) 896-9116.

Food For Friends

Food for Friends
Anyone who could use some assistance with meals after an illness or hospitalization or would like to cook a meal, contact Kitty Melby at
(630) 896-4355.

Coffee and Donuts Ministry

Coffee and Donuts
If you are interested in helping out, please contact Eva Castillo at
(630) 391-3993

Rosary Making Workshop

Rosary Making Workshop
The Altar & Rosary Society will make string style rosaries for our Troops for Christmas.

We need ladies with experience making the knot rosaries and ladies who would like to learn.

Please call Sharon Konen at (630) 466-4613. The next Altar & Rosary meeting will be announced soon.

St. Teresa of Calcutta Prayer Group

St Teresa of Calcutta
If you would like a specific intention to be prayed for during the prayer group, please fill out a blank card located under the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and place it in the prayer box.

This ministry is open to everyone and moving forward will meet at 9:00 am right after the 8:30 Communion Service on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

For more information regarding this ministry call Rita Bruner at (630) 966-8589.

Parish Announcements


E-Giving arrow
Please note that online giving is available to Blessed Sacrament parish for regular contributions or one-time church donations. Online giving can replace or supplement envelope donations given at Mass and users can make changes at any time. For more information, please reference the GiveCentral instructions printed and available in the Narthex, click the “online giving” button on the Blessed Sacrament website, or simply visit and search for our parish. Thank you for considering online giving!

Signing up is easy - Just click on the icon above the arrow.
There also is an instructions flyer, found in the Narthex, or you can call the office for further assistance.

Attention E-givers!
You will be receiving your envelopes this quarter. Envelopes were ordered before the Give Central program was in place. You will not be receiving them in the future.


Don't forget to update us! If you have recently moved or are in the process of moving, please notify us of your new address, phone number and/or new email address. This will help us continue to communicate with you and reduce costs incurred from returned cards and envelopes.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Parish Upcoming Activities

Winter Help Needed

Winter Help Needed
We are in need of a volunteer(s) to shovel snow, and salt if needed, around the RE entrance on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, perhaps 20 minutes before class starts if the snow is less than 2".

Anyone interested should see Father Max.

Special Thanks!

Thank You Thank You
A heartfelt thank you to Deacon Bill Johnson and his
Marmion Youth Outreach Ministry team for providing our
Confirmation students with a meaningful and memorable
retreatlast weekend to get us fired-up for Confirmation on
Tuesday, January 17th!

Outreach Ministry
They reminded us all that Confirmation is just the beginning of life-long faith formation. It is through the Eucharist that we are energized to be Jesus for others in our daily lives as we all have gifts and talents to share with the world!

Thank You

Fuel Collection
Thank you to those who returned their Fuel Collection Envelopes totaling $4,548.00.

We realize that budgets are tight and we appreciate any help you give toward our annual utility bills estimated to be $ 44,000.00 this year.

Youth Collection Envelopes

2015 Envelopes
Youth offering envelopes are available in the narthex until the end of January. Please prayerfully consider having your child participate as it is a good way to help them start a lifelong habit of supporting all the great works the church does.

When you grab a box, make sure to sign it out on the form that's on the table so your child gets registered to receive credit for their tithing. Please do not use last year's envelopes.

Youth Ministry Now Open
To Middle School and High School Students

Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry is now open to both high school AND middle school students!

The next meeting will be lead by Harry Cruz, one of our middle school catechists, on Sunday, January 22nd from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. The focus for discussion will be "Change." No need to register.

All are welcome to join us at our next meeting. Also, feel free to bring a friend!

Parish Dinner-Dance

The annual Parish Dinner-Dance is going to be

Saturday, February 11th, 2017.

The event will take place in Holy Family Hall. Come enjoy a buffet dinner, music, cash bar (two complimentary drink tickets), raffle baskets, 50/50 raffle and an evening filled with dancing and fellowship.

Tickets cost $25 each and are now on sale. This is a 21 and over event with proceeds to benefit the Religious Education and Youth Ministry programs.

Any questions?
Please call Sara at (630) 801-8945.

Dancing through the decades

Raffle Committee Is Looking for Donations

The Dancing Through the Decades raffle committee is looking for donations. If you have Chicago sports teams tickets, hotel or time shares, restaurant gift certificates, or shopping gift certificates you would be willing to donate, please drop them off at the parish office before January 31st.

If you would prefer to sponsor or donate an entire raffle basket, minimum value $100, contact Mart O'Connor at or (630) 264-1518.

Winter - Can We Still Count On You?


It's Winter! This means that many of our parishioners are going on vacation and may forget to make their church contribution on a regular basis. Please remember to support Blessed Sacrament to the best of your ability. By making regular and timely contributions, you will continue to help us with our budgeting needs.

Thank you for your cooperation, it is greatly appreciated. Also, thank you to all who continue to make their weekly contributions.

[Remember, online giving is available for your convenience.]

Memorial Wall

Memorial Day
Honor a friend, relative or loved one by displaying their name on the Blessed Sacrament Memorial Wall. See the beautiful display case in the Narthex.

Participation in the special listing requires a $ 1,000.00 donation per listing. If interested, please contact the parish office for additional details.

Memorial Wall

Around the Area

Marriage Encounter

Marriage Encounter
Do we put our trust in God and allow him to be Lord in every area of our life like the widow did? Allow God to transform your marriage relationship. Strengthen, renew, and rekindle your marriage sacrament by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend on November 20-22 in Rockford, IL; January 22-24, 2016 in Brookfield, WI or February 12-14, 2016 in Crystal Lake, IL.

Early registration is highly recommended. For info, see or call (888) 574-5653.

Start the New Year Out Right - Spend some quality time renewing your marriage. Sign up today to attend one of the upcoming Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends:

January 20-22, 2017
Apply Online
Brookfield, WI Jon & Rachel Hoag
(888) 574-5653
February 10-12, 2017
Apply Online
Geneva, IL Jon & Rachel Hoag
(888) 574-5653
February 17-19, 2017
Apply Online
Elk Grove Village, IL Jim & Kris McCulloch
(630) 577-0778
April 7-9, 2017
Apply Online
Elk Grove Village, IL Jim & Kris McCulloch
(630) 577-0778
May 5-7, 2017
Apply Online
Rockford, IL Jon & Rachel Hoag
(888) 574-5653
June 9-11, 2017
Apply Online
Elk Grove Village, IL Jim & Kris McCulloch
(630) 577-0778

For additional weekends, visit

Early registration is highly recommended. For more information visit our website at: or call (888) 574-5653.

For a fin de semana en Espanol in Rockford, contact:
Hugo & Gaby at (630) 690-2094.

For a fin de semana en Espanol in Chicago on November 8-10, contact:
Andres y Maria at (630) 229-2600.

National Family Planning

Natural Family Planning
Couples who choose Natural Family Planning (NFP) find they experience a wide range of benefits that go far beyond physical and health-related advantages. NFP is definitely safe, healthy and green, but it is also at least as effective as contraception options (besides sterilization), and many couples are happily surprised to find that it helps improve their relationship as well. Fertility awareness is also incredibly helpful to those couples who are trying to achieve pregnancy because it easily enables a couple to pinpoint the most fertile time of the cycle.

Visit to learn more!

To take a Couple to Couple League live online or self-paced online NFP course go to Classes include about 6 hours of instruction, instructional materials, a digital thermometer and the charting app CycleProGo, and a digital subscription to Family Foundations magazine. Access to a Teaching Couple is available via email or phone for questions, consultation, and chart review.

Hope After Abortion

Project Rachael
Project Rachel provides a supportive and confidential environment where you can begin the process of healing.

For additional information:

Call:(815) 387-3379

All inquiries are confidential.

Catholic 20 Something Women

Discernment Retreat
Is God calling you into the quiet to discern His will? Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite single young women to begin the new year with a Silent Discernment of Spirits Retreat January 27-29, 2017.

Retreat allows a quiet space to reflect on a call to marriage or religious life, but also knowledge can be applied to any daily life situation. The weekend proves to be life changing!

The retreat is led by Franciscan Sister Jacqueline Spaniola, OSF at the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Convent, Manitowoc WI.

Learn more and register at

Retreat for Busy Catholic Moms

Moms Retreat
All busy mothers are invited to join the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, for the upcoming "Retreat for Busy Catholic Moms," scheduled for 7:00 pm, Friday, February 17th, to 1:30 pm, Sunday, February 19th.

The retreat will take place in the Providence Hall community room. The time together will include presentations, prayer, learning from others, Mass and more. Cost is $225, which includes lodging and meals, or $125 without lodging. Housing must be arranged prior to Thursday, February 2nd, and the registration deadline is Sunday, February 12th.

Register online at or by calling (812) 535-2952 or emailing

The Patriots Concert

The Patriots Concert
For the first time, a live Rock & Roll concert will be performed on the Albright Theatre stage featuring "The Patriots" band.

The Patriots

The band members include Blessed Sacrament parishioners Regis Snyder, Jeff Pripusich and Mark & Louise Guethle. Regis' grandson Andrew and son Matt are also in the band. The set list is a collection of rock and pop songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Date: Saturday, Jauary 21st
Time: 8:00 pm
Place: Albright Theatre
100 N. Island Avenue
(3rd floor City/Police building

This is a free concert for all ages to benefit the Albright Theatre company. Suggested donation of $5 per person.

Doors open at 7:30 pm and the concert starts at 8:00. There will be a 10 minute intermission between two 40 minute sets. Spread the word and come and enjoy a fun evening of rock & roll music and support the Albright Theatre Company.

Tutors Needed

Be A Tutor
Tutor Volunteers Needed The Dominican Literacy Center in Aurora will be training new tutor volunteers for its literacy program on
Saturday, January 21st, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Female volunteers (with high school diploma) are trained to help women students learn to read, write, and speak English.

Tutors meet with students once a week for 90 minutes, from Sept. to May, at 260 Vermont St., Aurora (behind St. Therese Church). Tutors do not need to speak Spanish or have teaching experience. To volunteer, email Alison Brzezinski at

For more information, visit or call (630) 898-4636. The Center is not handicap accessible.

Holy Cross in Batavia

Holy Cross
The Holy Cross School Luncheon and Open House
Sunday, January 29th immediately following 11:30 am Mass
until 2:00 pm.

Come and see our vibrant, close-knit faith community where integrating the Catholic faith and providing a rigorous curriculum is a top priority!

Registration for new families begins Monday, February 6th.

For further information please call the school office at (630) 593-5290 or email us at

Mid-life Singles (mid-30s to 50s)

Looking to start 2017 off with a renewed sense of purpose & belonging? Then, register today for a life-changing REFLECT weekend retreat at the Cardinal Stritch Retreat House, in Mundelein (in the northern suburbs), on February 17-19, 2017. Cost is $197 for meals and a single room.

Take a chance and get involved... you won't regret it!

Call:      (312) 532-8286
E-mail:, or
Visit: for details.

Are you Traveling?

Traveling Mass Times is a free nationwide ministry to traveling Catholics.

Travelers can call: (410) 676-6000 or access the web site at for free information on the location of the nearest Church and times of Masses on weekends and Holy Days.   

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Our advertisers are listed in our Sunday Bulletins (see side link). You can also view a PDF document of our current advertisers by CLICKING HERE.