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Volunteer information

Per U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Diocesan guidelines, ALL parish and school volunteers must now comply with diocesan Safe Environment requirements. This includes completing the Virtus Online Protecting God's Children Training Course, agreeing to a criminal background check and signing required documentation.

Before accessing the online training through Virtus, please contact the Parish Office. You will be given a Virtus Online Password to use.

Once you have received the Virtus Online Password and to begin the online training course click on the link below:

  • Protecting God's Children training- access link on diocesan website and follow these instructions to get started:
    1. Click on the Virtus online link from the Diocesan Department of Education homepage.
    2. Click on the First Time Registrant Box. Then select Begin the Registration Process. 
    3. Select from the drop down menu the organization Rockford Diocese. (You will not see the option of Blessed Sacrament Church even though that is the parish you are specifically volunteering in.)


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