**Our "Reverse Collection" is this weekend to benefit the Aurora  Interfaith Food Pantry.
Please bring your donations by Monday, September 21st. Thank you for your generosity!

Return to Mass!

  A reservation is needed in order to attend a  weekend Mass. If you or someone you know would like help in registering for a Mass, call the parish office at 630-897-1029. Please click on the "Reserve Now" button to the right to register for Mass!
If you need to cancel your reservation, please email poffice@blessedsacrament-na.org so that we may open your spot up for someone else. Thank you for your cooperation.

A few reminders for when you arrive for Mass:

1. Please arrive early and give yourself ample time for the check-in process (for weekend Masses.)

2. Wearing a mask in the church is mandatory.

3. You may use either the west or bell tower entrance to the church. The religious building and walkway through the courtyard will not be open at this time.

4. There is no Mass on Thursdays or Communion Service until further notice.

Live Stream Below on this page

Now that we have entered into the second phase of "Back in His Presence" and are able to have more people in the church, the only Mass that will be live streamed is the Sunday Mass at 10:30 am. The live stream of the 10:30 Sunday Mass will continue until further notice.
If you are not seeing a live video, please refresh the screen and make sure you see the red 'LIVE' box.
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Our Mission


We, the People of Blessed Sacrament, see ourselves as a community of faith, united by Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Through our celebration of the Sacraments, we proclaim His Presence and offer our service to all.