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A vibrant faith community waits for you!


Saturday 4:30 pm

Sunday 8 & 10:30 am

Weekday Mass is Monday-Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 am. A Communion Service is held on Thursdays in the chapel at 8:30 am.
*The Rosary begins 30 minutes before Mass/Communion Service on weekdays and weekends.

Confessions are heard on Saturdays from 3:45-4:15 pm or by appointment by calling the parish office at 630-897-1029. 

Adoration is every Wednesday from 9-3pm in the chapel.

Fr Max and the Blessed Sacrament Community offer our heartfelt sympathies to the family of William Bower who died November 27, 2023. For Visitation & Funeral Mass information click here.

Our Mission

We, the People of Blessed Sacrament, see ourselves as a community of faith, united by Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Through our celebration of the Sacraments, we proclaim His Presence and offer our service to all.

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