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Music Ministries

The Pastoral music helps people connect the celebration of the liturgy with their own
life of faith, such as baptisms, funerals, or feast like Christmas or Lent. Music also
speaks to people most clearly at times of personal crisis.

The church' s music is linked so strongly to the life of the community as it forms its
members to carry on the mission of Christ. To join in the song of the liturgy is to make
a commitment to the mystery of Christ that we celebrate. Even as music evokes the
presence and power of God through its beauty, the active singing of God's people
makes them sharers in the mission of Christ to serve and to witness.


Below are the different areas of the music ministry. If you have any questions or are interested in any of the following Music Ministries, please contact the Music Director Patrick O'Shea by email at

The Funeral Choir is a group of men and women from the parish volunteering their
time to sing during funeral Masses in the morning. While this is a ministry of the
church, it is also a precious gift to the family of the deceased. The purpose of this
team is to honor our brother or sister in Christ by sharing His gift of song as prayer.
You do not have to be an active member of the adult choir to be involved.

The Youth Choir is made up of 4th through 8th graders. This choir sings at the 10:30am Children's Mass the first Sunday of each month. They rehearse on that particular Sunday from 9:30am until 10:30am. They also provide music for the Children's Christmas Eve liturgy at 4:30pm and at the Children's Christmas Pageant. The goal of this Youth Choir is to provide a musical environment for your youngster while guiding them toward a deeper understanding of God's love for his children through music and song.

The Traditional Choir leads the music on Holy Day Masses, Confirmation, First Holy
Communion and special occasions throughout the year. Rehearsals are scheduled
(see bulletin for practice days and times). We have three rehearsals before the Easter
and Christmas Seasons. All adult choral singers are welcome!


It involves making the assembly's prayers possible through song. The cantor has the
responsibility for any hymns that require solo passages, leading the assembly in a
recurring refrain to be sung and inviting the assembly to join voices in hymns used
throughout the Mass. The Responsorial Psalm between the Old and New Testament
readings, the Gospel Acclamation, and other proclamations, such as parts of the Gloria and various Litanies are other examples of the cantor's responsibility.

The requirements to be a successful cantor must include a strong singing voice, the
ability to commit to some time each week (on their own) to learn new music and to
perfect this skill of singing and leading song.

Instrumentalists, high school and older, who are interested in providing support for the Mass are an essential part of the music program. Other opportunities may include playing at Easter liturgies, weddings, and/or other opportunities during the year. Musicians should be familiar with the liturgies of the Mass. Organists, keyboardists, and guitarists are needed.

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